The Everyday Pulls on a Small Business Owner

June 6, 2021 by Andrew Spracklin

Remember when you were a kid and had to go door to door selling candy bars to fund your little league baseball uniforms.  Trust me most of us do.  Now you’re an adult and 80% of the time you have to tell the kid NO.  This is the life of a business owner.

I’m constantly getting pitched MLM pitches for supplements, yearbook ads, sponsorship opportunities and raffle tickets.  It has been said that if you were to give to everyone that walked in the door, you would not be in business because you would be giving away all of you money.

Golf outings, benefit dinners and everything in between are constantly being asked.  I’ve changed my tune a little bit the past couple of years, as I do feel that being present at these events can be a huge asset but there is always something that could be drawing your time and money.

Kristina and I are reaching a point in our lives that we are finding a few causes that are close to our family and those are the things that we give to.

I do not seek out opportunities to give money, we already have a couple of things that are near and dear to our hearts, we give to those regularly and basically without asking.  An email will almost never do it, I have a philosophy that if you are requesting funds/money a simple phone call can go a long way.  Leave a message at the front desk; while Marty and Carol are great gate-keepers they are most certainly not cold hearted enough to just hang up the phone on you.

If you stop by the office, please do not expect an instant answer, we evaluate funding on nearly a daily basis so we take each request on a day-to-day basis. Most of the time, the way to get donations out of Spracklin Chiropractic is to appeal to Kristina; I feel that I have essentially become numb to the requests and am relatively accustomed to saying no, but Kristina has a little bit of a soft spot for certain people/organizations that make an effective pitch.

The point of the post is to make the point, that just because you do not see Spracklin Chiropractic on a lot of advertising and sponsorships is not because we do not want to be, in fact a lot of times if the cause is near and dear to us, we would gladly give, but it’s that we were just not asked.  We are not locals of either community that we work/live in.  Living in the area for 9-10 years does not necessarily make you a local person, we were born and raised in other parts of the state.

We get asked all the time, are you new to town? Well, the definition of new has to be defined, but I would say no.  Spracklin Chiropractic has been in business for roughly 9 years in Kearney and almost 5 years in Minden.  While we may be relatively new to the business world around the area, we are fairly easy going people that try to help causes we find valuable to ourselves or the community as a whole.

This is by no means a solicitation to send all time/monetary requests in, but just know that we try to be involved and give back to the communities that have provided our family a wonderful livelihood and opportunities and hope to continue for the foreseeable future.


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