Keeping It Simple & Give People What They Want

June 13, 2021 by Andrew Spracklin

Do you ever look around at businesses and wonder how are they so successful? I often do, I think about how a business works, I’ve said this before that I am very much a numbers person.  I know exactly what I need to do on a weekly and monthly basis to make my business work.  The longer I go into practice I am learning that business can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. We prefer to keep it as simple as it comes.  We would like to think that we are good at a few things and we are going to keep doing those few things as well as we can.

Look around at offices or business in general, I understand that businesses have to adapt, but do you ever wonder that as soon as people start to expand into areas that they are not so knowledgeable about that they loss focus on what they are really good at.

I used to think that I wanted to do all sorts of therapies and keep expanding into areas that may well be in our scope of practice within the state of Nebraska but have no real knowledge on them other than they would bring additional resources/revenue into the office.  I feel that this would be a huge detriment to the office and profession in general, as you loss the overall focus of the office.

I’m reaching a point in the office that we are going to continue to do three things: chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture and a bunch of DOT physicals.  There is really no need for us to expand past that point at this time.  We know exactly how to do these things and feel that we can bring extreme value to patients providing these services.

Don’t look for us to be adding stem cell treatments, IV fluid treatments, hyperbaric O2 chambers or expensive decompression tables any time soon.  I have figured out that patients that come into our office are not looking for long drawn out treatment plans or expensive visits, they like simple.

We feel that at Spracklin Chiropractic we provide a wonderful value in care and get great results on conditions that respond well to chiropractic care.  Insurance is worked with and treatments are tailored to the individual.  Discounts are not advertised for you to come into the office.  We are what we are and the procedures that are performed in the office bring about repeatable outcomes for numerous different types of people.

If you give people what they want and the flexibility to make an informed decision you do not need some long drawn out sales pitch/scare tactic to convince yourself that care is necessary. I’m a terrible sales person and I’m brutally honest almost to a fault, so if you are looking for an honest opinion or a second opinion with not a lot of sugar coating, you may find the office refreshing.

Creating a fun, family atmosphere is what we try to do because who doesn’t like to have a good time while they work.  Certain people will catch some grief from me and we may have a good laugh together, this is part of the treatment process.  Sometimes just talking and not thinking about the pain is the most beneficial thing you can do.

We lean towards keeping things super simple in the offices, walk-ins are normally always welcome and insurance is accepted.  If you have ever been turned off by chiropractic due to an office that with a year-long treatment plan, give us a try it may be a low key experience to remember.


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