All Good Things Must Come to An End….

October 30, 2018 by Andrew Spracklin

A couple of weeks before Colin was born, I received a phone call from someone that was looking to purchase a building in Arnold. At first, Kristina and I sat down and talked about what our next move would be, where would we practice in Arnold?

I have been traveling to the town for the past 5½ years and do not regret it a day. Every day that we have been in Arnold, someone will inevitability ask how the day has been and has it been worth the trip, I can honestly say that there have not been very many days that have not been worth it. The people of Arnold have been extremely loyal and it still amazes me to this day that I continue to see new patients. Patients from all over the area come to see me, whether it be Stapleton, Gothenburg, North Platte, Callaway or Arnold all of the area has been represented in the time that I have been in practice.

The entire time that I have been practicing in Arnold I have sought to bring the best care that I am capable of providing to the people of Arnold and the surrounding area, which I believe I have. I have created relationships that I would not have imaged I would have ever had, when I open the doors on Saturday morning in Arnold, it’s more like opening the doors to friends that are fun to work with, converse with and hopefully create a positive healing environment.

With all of that being said, Kristina and I have reached a point in our lives that I want to be present to watch Colin grow up and that including being around on weekends. We made the decision to sell the building, as the opportunity does not come around every day. I will be working the rest of the year in Arnold but at the end of 2018 I will not be making the trek to Arnold any longer.

Throughout the entire time Kristina and I have operated the business we have always allowed timing to guide some of our major decisions. This just feels like the right time to let the building and practice go.

I cannot thank the community of Arnold and the surrounding areas enough; the practice has always given us a comfort level that we have felt very content with. Outside of going out on my own to start my own practice, this may be one of the toughest decisions that we have had to make, as I am feel a loyalty and a commitment to the community as you have been with me since the very start.

Over the next two months, there will be lots of hugs and more than likely holding back tears on my end as I feel as a little piece of me is moving on but as the years go, this decision would only get harder for Kristina and I. Colin deserves to have weekends with dad and I very much look forward to that aspect of life, but I will truly miss the journey to Arnold.

I wish new building owner (the community already knows him) nothing but the best of luck, as I know it will be in good hands and will be used on a daily basis. I have always felt kind of guilty for owning a building on main street and only being open twice a month, I feel that this will also benefit the community as well.

My only hope is that if any of the people of Arnold are ever in Kearney or Minden and are needing care please let me know. I will continue to follow the South Loup Bobcats from afar and wish the community nothing but the best of luck. I hope that there are no hard feelings on this decision and hope to see many of you over the course of the next 2 months.


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