2018: A Year of Stability….Hopefully

January 7, 2018 by Andrew Spracklin

I graduated from chiropractic school in 2012.  That seems like a long time ago in my mind but it’s not really that far off.  I started my own practice in 2013 and a satellite office that same year.  2014 was a fairly uneventful business year, other than some “newer” equipment.  We purchased a building in Arnold in 2015 and purchased a business and building in Minden in 2016.  2017 brought about a learning year, as I was still trying to figure out how to manage 3 locations. 

The biggest equipment purchase that I have ever made was done in 2017 and we feel that we have everything in place that we need to succeed for the long run.  At this point, we are not looking to purchase any more equipment or buildings at this time (I will never say never but nothing on the horizon).  What I am hoping 2018 brings is a growing and stability period. 

My wish is to grow the DOT/CDL business in Minden and continue to grow the patient bases at all of the locations.  As many people know, I am all about the known and stability in business.  I am hoping that 2018 is a year of stability.  Every year that I have been in practice, there has been a big decision that has either cost us time or money. 

I’m not saying that the time effect will get much better as the years go but Kristina and I like to sit down and project the coming year and we genuinely don’t see any large things coming this year.  We are hoping that this will allow the business to get to a comfortable place, continue to grow and be able to get to a comfortable level on the personal side.

I have always been told that if you want something to grow your business….just ask:

The things that I am hoping to do in 2018:

  1. Continue to grow the DOT/CDL market….we do DOT/CDL physicals on bus drivers, truck drivers and people that haul trailers on a regular basis that go over a weight limit, if you know anyone that would benefit from this service please let them know of our office.
  2. See a few more personal injury and auto accident cases.  This is not a huge part of the practice but I do enjoy working with these cases.  Car accident victims and people that are hurt on the job, I would love to talk to these people to see if our office can benefit the patient.
  3. Headaches and low back pain, I enjoy dealing with headache, patients with tension, migraine and cervicogenic headaches benefit from chiropractic care and the relief is normally instant.  Low back on the other hand, is a common occurrence and we have all of the necessary things to help out these patients and get them pain free in a short amount of time.
  4. Lastly, there is more and more evidence that people are seeking alternative pain options and chiropractors can serve an important role in this.  Acupuncture and chiropractic care are performed in the office and both can help relieve symptoms that patients are experiencing.

This is more of a wish list for 2018 and this is not much of a blog post but I do feel that if you write down the things that you hope to accomplish in the coming months, it can hold you accountable to these goals.  If you know anyone that can benefit from the convenience and services of the office, please pass our name along and we look forward to working with everyone in 2018.


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