Why Don’t You Do it This Way?

June 5, 2022 by Andrew Spracklin

10 years into practice and we are FINALLY starting to hit our stride with the business, we have had our roller coaster of times but ultimately things have been wonderful.  One of the things that I have noticed over the years, we get asked all the times about techniques and how we perform certain things.  Other chiropractors perform different things and this is actually one of the weird things about the profession because a lot of times the right hand may not know what the left hand is doing between different offices.

In the state of Nebraska our scope of practice is fairly wide open and in general chiropractors have a good base of knowledge of health, whether they use it or not is another argument. Chiropractic schools do teach a broad base of knowledge across numerous fields, the vast majority just don’t use the knowledge on a daily basis.

If you bring in an MRI report, x-rays, lab results or any other main stream lab report, can we interpret them, sure we can but I just don’t do it every day, for most of these things you should stick with the person that does this specifically for a living.

Back to the initial rational behind this post, patients come in all the time and will say to me, well my previous chiropractor didn’t do it that way or do you perform such and such procedure. The way I run the business or purchase equipment is done on a very intentional level and with a specific purpose. I don’t look at purchasing equipment as a money making tool, obviously I need to have equipment, but I’ve intentionally told myself that I purchase equipment because it will benefit people not necessarily as a means to more income.

I don’t necessarily know what other chiropractors do and honestly I have reached a point that I don’t really care.  This might sound pompous but it’s genuinely not intended to.  Other chiropractors perform detoxification foot baths, applied kinesiology, upper cervical adjusting or even lab testing for specific conditions.  While I understand that this will attract a certain demographic and I have nothing against this but I don’t really understand these procedures and at this point in my practice and life I don’t really have a will to learn.

The therapies that we offer in the offices are proven over time, I’m comfortable with them, easy to explain to patients and are mainstream. I honestly don’t know the mechanism behind a lot of the therapies other doctors perform in their offices.  Stem cells, don’t know the mechanism on a detailed basis, detoxification foot baths, don’t know, shadow adjusting, yes it is a thing, don’t even ask.  Therapies that can be replicated over time are the ones that I am looking for in the offices.

We will continue to build an office around the thought process of taking care of people first and foremost, giving a value for the care that we perform, not dragging people on for the sake of getting more visits out of a patient and to perform quality care.

Staying in your lane can be a wonderful thing, we feel that we bring a value to musculoskeletal care and are fairly good at diagnosing specific conditions and know our limitations.  We are not trying to be everyone’s everything, but we do feel that we can provide quality care to a lot of people with specific back and joint pain.


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