Volume vs. Sanity

June 21, 2020 by Andrew Spracklin

I am going to write this with a bit of trepidation.  The month of April was not a good month for Spracklin Chiropractic, but it was not a good month for any business.  We were never forced to close down and are still kind of holding our breath in hopes that we can continue with business as normal the rest of the year.

Ever since the calendar changed to May, the office has been kind of crazy.  Numerous people have indicated that they didn’t know that we were even open.  Once patients started to figure out that we were open for business as normal, the flood gates opened.  I’m not entirely sure if this is just a rebound from the slow month in April or if this is the new normal that I’m going to have to get used to.

I’ve always made the argument that the ideal office would be steady but not crazy.  The past couple of weeks have been bordering on crazy.  I like to get to know my patients and to talk for a few moments, to catch up with symptoms and life in general.  Good banter can be good for the soul along with a moment or two of laughter.  This is the environment that I like to create at the offices.

Being able to walk out of the office at night and not have to worry about catching up with paperwork is the ideal situation. I have the ability to do paperwork from home but I don’t necessary like doing that because having a 2 year old crawling over you while trying to be productive with paperwork is a little difficult.

At some point in every chiropractor’s career, you think that you may want to run a high volume practice.  It has run through my mind as well, but I ultimately come back to wanting to have a nice flow and getting to know people while not running around with my head cut off.  I know there is a way to do it, but systems that you would have to put in place are just not a big priority for me at this time.

So, when you call and see if we accept walk-ins, yes we do.  I like to keep a good flow to the offices and for the most part we do a good job with it, but recently I have been walking out shaking my head because between walk-ins and scheduled appointments, it seems that the schedule has been filling up more than normal.  We do accommodate numerous circumstances but recently you may need to bear with us a little bit as we will make it work, it just may take a little finagling.

While I hope that the craziness continues and I can adjust to the new normal, just know that I have no desire to herd people through the office and run a high volume practice.  I hope to continue to have the personal relationships that I have created and run a sane office.  Sanity will win out in this, but I, personally, am having to work through some mental blocks to make sure I can make it happen.

We look forward to seeing everyone through the craziness and hopefully everyone is staying sane and safe.


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