Time…We Won’t Waste Yours

April 7, 2019 by Andrew Spracklin

The headline on this post is going to be a little miss leading but I like it, so I’m sticking with it. Time can be a very strange thing. It is a finite thing, there is only so much of it in a day. The past couple of weeks I have tried to make a conscious effort to utilize the time in the day to be the most productive that it can be.

I’ve had my hands full the last couple of weeks, with things that are changing around the house, keeping up with a seven month old and running the day to day aspects of the practice. Trying to balance this on a daily basis can be daunting, but I’m starting to learn that you can only control so much of it. My mindset recently has been tackle the things that you can at moment and the rest can wait.

The reason that this topic even arose in my mind; a patient asked me earlier this week, why is it when she calls the office we try to give her very specific times. There are a few good reasons that this happens: it makes the office flow well, as we are giving times that work best for the office and will limit the wait time for the patient. The last thing that we want as an office is for someone to come into the office and have to wait 20 minutes in order to be seen.

There is a caveat to this, we appreciate and like walk-ins, in fact the majority of the Kearney office is walk in type visits. This seems to appease a lot of people as they are able to come in when it is convenient for them, but there is an unwritten understanding that if you are going to walk in there might be a little longer wait time.

We value your time in the practice and we will do everything in our power to limit wait times and to make scheduling as easy and convenient as possible. If you call and the time that you desire is not available, we will offer times that work best for the practice, for the common courtesy of you and your time. You are more than welcome to walk into either office and we will work you into the schedule but this will be done without sacrificing patient care of the others in the office.

Before I wrap up this post, I would like to just say that if you are wanting in for a DOT physical, we do appreciate them be scheduled due to the paperwork and extra steps that need to be taken in order to perform the exam in a timely manner. You are more than willing to take a chance but it makes our lives a little easier to know this ahead of time.

So just remember next time you call into the office and request an appointment, we aren’t just randomly giving times, giving a time preference can help us direct you to the proper timing and if those don’t work for you or your schedule walking in is always an option and you will get the same level of care but there might be a little longer of a wait on certain days.


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