Shoes….It Change Your State of Mind

April 15, 2018 by Andrew Spracklin

When I get dressed every morning, my wardrobe consists of about 4-5 different colors of pants and about every color of polo or pullover that you can imagine. Literally, I think I have about every color that Nike and SportTec have in their portfolio. But I really only have two colors of shoes, black and brown. I really can’t justify having other colors, as I would never wear them.

Roughly two years ago, I purchased a pair of brown/tan Allen Edmonds shoes from Redman’s in Kearney. Randy had been sitting on this pair for some time and I had honestly never heard of Allen Edmonds shoes, but ever since I bought that pair of shoes, I have been obsessed with them. The only problem is that I can only wear them with navy, brown or khaki pants and you can only do that so many times a week.

Now, when I wake up in the morning, I try to tell myself that today is going to be a good day just to put myself in the right state of mind. It does really help, doesn’t matter how tired I am when I wake up at 5AM but just telling myself that the day is going to be good can make a huge difference.

But when I put those Allen Edmond shoes on, I genuinely feel that I could float. I think they make me feel like I can do anything. They put the finishing touch on the outfit that I am wearing for the day and when I look down at those shoes, I smile a little bit.

I don’t know if a state of mind can make your day seem to be busier or more productive but that is exactly what I have noticed when I wear the Allen Edmonds. The phone seems to ring more, my attitude is better and my outlook on practice and life are drastically improved. Like I said, I don’t know if I can relate this to a pair of shoes but it does seem to be quite a coincidence when I do slip them on.

They are very comfortable to wear all day and are extremely durable. I was little hesitant when I first bought them because I did not want to have to worry about scuffing them up on a daily basis. I think I first bought them to wear with a navy suit to a wedding, but they have turned into much more than that for me.

So if you ever come into the office and see me wearing a pair of lace up brown Allen Edmond shoes, just know that my state of mind might be in the clouds on that given day because it is going to be a good day. I have told the girls at the office that they need to be aware of the phone when I am wearing my Allen Edmonds.

I whole heartedly believe in karma and I am going to keep riding the wave with these shoes. My next goal is to get a pair of black (I actually had purchased a pair of black but they did not fit quite right).

Dressing the part and feeling good about your self is a good step in starting each morning. I am starting to become a believer that patients can feel your mental state of mind and will flock in when you are feeling your best or when you least expect it.

So get up in the morning, tell yourself it’s going to be a great day, get a smile on your face and get in the right state of mind because when I wear my Allen Edmonds, look out cause I am going to conquer the world.
Now, if you run across a pair of black wholecut Allen Edmund shoe (13D in my case), by all means try it on, feel it and see if your state of mind changes, I guarantee you it will.


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