Serve People, Give Value….Have a Greater Good Intent

January 30, 2022 by Andrew Spracklin

Health insurance in general can be fairly tricky to navigate.  This is not a new phenomenon in chiropractic office either.  We have numerous people that come into the office indicating that their previous doctor no long accepts a particular form of insurance.  While I don’t necessarily fault the doctor for not taking certain insurance, I understand that this can be super frustrating from the patient perspective.

That’s why at Spracklin Chiropractic we essentially take every different health insurance, you name it, I can almost guarantee that we are in network or at least work with them. At the end of the day, the offices are a business and needs to generate some form of revenue, but and there is a big but in this statement, people need help at inopportune times in their lives.

A new patient will come in the door and we have a short conversation as to what are the expectations on both parties.  I indicate that I am here to help and meet them for their needs; we will not do more than we need be.  Most of the time, I like to start treatment very simply and build care from that point.  If I throw every therapy I have at you and you get better or worse, how are we supposed to know what exactly helped or hurt you?

We have numerous forms of therapy that we have in the office.  Not everyone will get the same therapy or treatment every single visit.  I have numerous families come in and ask why a certain person got treated differently than the other, well, they needed different things.

If you call our office and ask for our prices, we are upfront on the cost.  Are we cheap, NO: are we expensive, NO.  I would say that our office provides value to the patient.  Our fees are just like everyone else and we charge for what we do in the office but we are fair.  We try to maximize insurance coverage in order to get the desired results that the patient is looking for.

Some people will see a benefit within one treatment, some it may take several.  If you think your treatment plan is going to cost thousands of dollars and months of your life, you will not find that here.

DOT physicals are the same way in our office, are we cheap, I don’t think we are but compared to other offices, I’m sure you could make that argument.  We provide a value for a service that is necessary for a certain subset of the population.  We are convenient to get into and reasonably priced for all of our services. We play within the guidelines, whether it’s with the Federal Motor Carriers for DOT’s or with insurance companies for chiropractic care.

Meeting people where they are in their lives and giving them what they want in order to get the relief that they are seeking is kind of the motto of the office.  We feel that we provided numerous services that people can benefit from on a regular basis and we provide those services at a value that doesn’t take advantage of the patient. We are not necessarily that unique of an office but we do find that being truthful with patients, providing a value with care, allowing people to direct care (to a certain degree) and the general laid back feel of the office sets us apart from the other guy.

Let us know if we can be of any assistance in any of the services that we provide and would like to experience the office for yourself.


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