Self Projection On To Patient Care

August 8, 2021 by Andrew Spracklin

Colin and I were at the golf course a couple of weeks ago when all of a sudden I start to have left sided upper back, shoulder blade and neck pain.  Now, I don’t want this to portray that those symptoms should not be a little bit of a concern because that is the classic heart attack symptoms but I knew what I had done and knew why the pain was present.

But the point that I’m really kind of getting at is that whenever I am suffering from some sort of ailment or pain, it never fails that patients will present with this type of pain.  The number of people that have presented recently is uncanny.  I’m young enough to get through most of my aches and pains by myself but this was one of those things that I actually needed help.  To say that it is totally cleared up, I’d be lying to you but it’s kind of weird the things that you try with self care, all of a sudden you start using them on patients because you are essentially your own guinea pig and therapies I would not normally try are now all of a sudden fair game because I’m trying to get out of pain as fast as possible.

I will be the first person to say, that sometimes getting adjusted can make things worse before they get better but I’m in a unique situation that I have colleagues and numerous therapies at my beckon call. The use of massage guns, TENS units, kinesiotape, lasers and roller tables were all used including the occasional adjustment, it’s ultimately getting better but I’m forever grateful that I have all sorts of options that are available.

Every time I have an ache or a pain, it will never fail that patients will start to show up with that kind of pain.  I’m not indicating that I have all types of pain or ailments that people come in with but if you present to the office you should ask if I have been having the same type of pain because it’s almost becoming comical of the symptoms that I am experiencing versus what has been coming into the office.

Projection and perception can be power things in practice.  Doctors and clinicians are not allowed to have a bad day when it comes to dealing with the public.  I’m always having a great day in the mind of the patient and that’s how it’s going to stay.  While chiropractors literally hear people’s aches and pain every day, does it get old at times, sure it does, but ultimately I went into practice for the relationships and helping you.  Sometimes just being a sounding board can be just as therapeutic as the treatment itself.

I can guarantee you that if you were to go into a doctor’s office and they told you how miserable their day is going, the ability to help the patient essentially goes out the door.  Patients want to be heard and want to feel like someone is listening.  Pain can be very motivating factor to seek care, but most pain is temporary in nature but relationships can last decades and as the years go into practice, I’m finding this out pretty clearly.  Form a relationship with the patient and results will follow.

In ending, projection whether it be specific pain symptoms that you are experiencing are interesting because odds are I have dealt with some sort of this pain and trial and error on myself can indicated the course of the treatment.  Secondly, if you ever ask how my day is going, it’s always great, no matter what because the office is there to project a positive feeling and a healing environment.  We are here to help, whether it is an ear to listen or to help with pain that I have experienced.

Come one, come all we will be there for you today and for many years to come.


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