Patience, Patience, Patience!!!!

November 5, 2017 by Andrew Spracklin

As many of you know, I am not the most patient person in the world.  Whether it be treating patients and not getting the results that you need, starting a practice and hardly seeing any patients or updating a home and not seeing the results as fast as you want it to be.

Kristina and I recently did some updates to our home, I’m not new to this but in my mind I feel like there should be a timeline that should be followed and if it does not go according to the timeline in my head, I start to get irritated.  My patience runs really thin when things do not go according to the plan in my head, I will admit I am getting a lot better with this as the years go and with me taking a different perspective.

When I first started my own practice, I quickly learned that things are not just handed to you.  Patience is a huge factor in this as it can be a grind both mentally and physically.  It is very easy become discouraged but everything that I was told in the early days was, just be patient and do a good job and people will start to recognize this.

The same can be said with patient care, patience really can be a virtue as results are not necessarily instantly seen, as much as both the patient and I might hope for.  Sometimes one more visit or one more therapy may be exactly what the situation needed in order for the symptoms to subside, but this can be difficult to portray as most people do not want to wait to feel better.

When our home was undergoing the updates, not only was dust flying but we were without our normal amenities for roughly a week and a half.  I am a creature of habit so having things not in their normal place or not being able to use parts of the house that you are accustomed to makes it irritating.  The results are wonderful and I would not trade it, but the process to get there is not my favorite.

Student loans can also grind at you like this, but if you have a plan and you stick to it, it will be well worth the wait.  Patience, is key to this issue.  I have talked about this before, but if you set forth on a journey, no matter how long the journey, if you have a little patience it will most definitely pay off in the end.

When we set out on the journey of starting our own practice, it was not all rainbows and butterflies, you will have days that are miserable, sometimes you won’t get the results that you were expecting and everyday will throw something at you that you are not expecting, but I have learned that patience can be key to this business building formula and just showing up.  My parents have always to me that half the battle in life is just showing up.  I have taken this motto to heart recently.

Granted, I know that patience is not one of my best attributes but learning to have a little and going with the flow a little more often will more than likely lead to more self-satisfaction and overall a better attitude toward the work that I am trying to accomplish.  Just remember that when you are trying to build a practice, pay off student loans or treating a difficult patient that patience can be key to the process and most of the time the journey makes the end goal so much more rewarding.


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