Integrity & Chiropractic

September 26, 2021 by Andrew Spracklin

New toys, new equipment and new technology are always evolving in most professions and chiropractic companies are no different.  There is always a push or pull in order for you to practice a certain way or to sign up for management companies that promise you the world.  The evolving model right now within the profession is a multidisciplinary practice that brings numerous professions under one roof.  While I’m not against the model and I think that it provides a unique opportunity for patients, it will most likely never be the way Spracklin Chiropractic operates.

I’ve considered giving into the management model and give up some autonomy in regards to running a practice but I have enough rationale people in my life that bring me back down to earth.  I have and always will practice with the mantra that if you give people what they want and what they are expecting, your practice will grow and thrive.  It may not be exponential growth that management companies promise but it will be consistent.

Patients for the most part don’t want long term treatment plans that cost thousands of dollars over the course of six months. Most persons that present in the office, have a complaint, normally pain and want to get rid of the pain in as few visits as possible.  Is there a time and a place for lifestyle coaching and pain prevention, for sure.  But what I’m saying is that 90% of the patients that come into the office what to rid themselves of pain and move on with life and come back when some pain or ailment returns.

I have random ideas every once in a while to bring new treatment options or other people into the office, but the thought process comes down to….am I bringing in new things to generate more money or am I doing it to benefit the patient.  I feel that if a therapy can benefit enough patients without bringing a significant cost burden to the patient then it should be considered, but if I’m bringing things in and end up having to push it on patients in order to pay for it; that is self defeating.

I’m in the minority in the profession.  I tend to side towards evidence based practice and despise treatment plans.  I can be fairly vocal about this at time but will never throw a fellow chiropractor under the bus.  My circle of people in my life can be fairly small at times, socially and professionally.  I’m okay with that because I feel comfortable with what I’m doing and don’t feel that people resent the office when they leave.  They may not leave pain-free but I’m aim that everyone at least have a positive experience and doesn’t feel like they are being taken advantage of.

Integrity can go a long way in my opinion.  I feel comfortable with how I practice, it may not be fancy or elaborate but the office is effective.  A quality adjustment, simple stretches, a short little massage or roller table can do the body and symptoms well.  You will not see me out there advertising a discount to get more people in the office in a given week and you will not see me pushing a plan for my existing patients to return for the next 2-3 months.

Boredom hits sometimes around the office but I have been in business for nearly 10 years now and this philosophy has not failed me yet.  The office grows via word of mouth referrals, a little bit of Google Adwords and having existing patients from years ago keep coming back in when they need anything. Gimmicks and other tactics are not used and we plan on keeping it that way.  The old saying that: it takes years to build a reputation and a second to ruin it.  We plan on continuing to practice with integrity, build a quality reputation and giving our patients what they need and want, no more, no less.


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