DOT Services & Beyond

July 9, 2023 by Andrew Spracklin

Over the course of the last 10 years we have performed DOT/CDL physicals for all types of drivers.  From bus drivers, farmers and over-the-road truckers, we have seen just about every walk of life come through the office for this service. I just renewed my 10 year certification a few months ago and it hasn’t seemed to have slowed down, in fact the service keeps picking up year over year.

We have a vast knowledge of the industry, so we have decided to add a few services that come along with the physical itself.  Over the course of the next few weeks, we are going to be implementing drug testing and breathe alcohol testing, this will be mainly targeted at the trucking industry but we have a vision of possibly branching out into other industries and being mobile.  We will start slow and build from there, just like we have with DOT physicals.

The need for these services is needed in the area and we plan to try to meet the need of so many companies and individuals that are in need of fast, reliable service.  Kristina is planning on helping with this endeavor. The goal is to have an office that is all encompassing, where workers and drivers can come and receive everything in a one-stop shop. As opposed to running all over town to accomplish different things that just takes time out of the day.

Fast, professional, efficient will be the name of the game that will be run and overseen by healthcare professionals in an environment that is welcoming and knowledgeable. We have already gotten set up with our own network lab for collections, CLIA waivers have been received and we are just waiting on a few pieces of equipment to come in.

We understand that a lot of companies have locked into current contracts, if you are one of those companies, we would still love to hear from you as we would love to become your collection site. The next 4-6 months will tell us a lot, as we will more than likely be setting up our own consortiums, in order to have our office and staff just manage small companies drug and alcohol testing that will be compliant with the current standards that are required by the Department of Transportation.

I’m going to lay out a vision as to how this whole process will go, over the course of the next month we get everything up and going, we become a collection site for the drivers that we already see come through our offices. We then start the consortium route, where a few local companies let us just manage their services, from the basic DOT physical to all of the regulated drug and alcohol testing that is required. We also hope to have the ability to go onsite to perform pre-employment drug testing and random testing for non-DOT facilities in the area.  Post-accident and return to work will also be done in the office as well.

This process is not rocket science and we look forward to being a site that continues to be trusted to take care of a profession that is often over looked. If this is a service or you or your company just has questions about how the process goes, please don’t hesitate to reach out as we would love to talk about the needs of community at large.

As stated earlier, if you are looking for a welcoming, all encompassing office to take care of your DOT physical, urine drug testing and breath alcohol testing all in one site that is overseen by healthcare professionals that are knowledgeable about the industry and have lots of local information about the drivers that already present to the office, please reach out to see how we can help with this required service from the Department of Transportation.


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