2022….Good Year, Mostly Ups & Very Few Downs

January 2, 2023 by Andrew Spracklin

Recently, at the start of the year, I have been trying to sit down and re-evaluate the previous year and look forward to the year to come.  2022 was a good year on a professional level but the end of the year put a little bit of a hamper on the year on a personal level.

At the beginning of the year we added decompression tables to both offices.  I thought that this would bring a new aspect to the offices and allow for a different therapy to be offered.  Quite honestly, I absolutely love the technology and thought process behind the therapy but we have found that we just don’t use the tables like we thought we would.  Another doctor offered to purchase the tables from me and I took the deal, so beginning this week we will no longer be offering decompression therapy in the office but will still have flexion-distraction and the roller table which essentially accomplishes a lot of the same things.

We grew our DOT business year over year. I have been performing these exams for the past 10 years, the only reason that I know this is because I have to recertify my certificate by the end of 2023. The years are starting to add up and while I feel like I just graduated from school, it has actually been a few year at this stage.

Colleagues have gotten sick or go out of town, we try to fill a void when others are out of the office with patients that may actually come and go due to this but I just hope that if I need anything from colleagues on a professional level, I would like to think that it would be reciprocated.

The start of the new year is always a little reflective, as it’s my birthday as well, but it actually comes across at a good point to ponder what a year it has been.  I wanted to elaborate a little bit on my personal situation as well: my wife and kids are doing great, growing like weeds and basically starting to take over my life, as it normally does with children.

As many people that have come into the office these past couple of weeks, you may have heard that my dad (Craig) received a liver transplant a couple of days before Christmas.  A heart medication that he had been on for years was the culprit as to why his liver began to fail.  While we are grateful that he was given the chance to receive the transplant, it’s starting to look like a lengthy recovery is going to be a reality.  His liver, kidneys and heart all look to be doing well at this stage, things keep popping up during the recovery process. I will continue to think/worry about this daily but as I told my mom this past weekend, I’m able to escape it for a little while, she’s the one that is living the day-to-day aspects of it. We will continue to pray and hope for a speedy/quick recovery but a long road appears to be ahead.

In ending, 2022 was a great year for the practice and a strange year for me personally.  I have come to terms that I need to start having more fun at work, laughing more and getting out of the office a little more to enjoy my family and boys as they grow up. I will be taking a few days office January for a long weekend/vacation and a few days off in February to attend a conference that I have wanted to attend for some time. We will continue to strive to keep things simple and consistent at the office and cannot thank our patients enough for the level that we have grown the practices too and look to continue to build in the coming year.


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