2020….The Good, the Bad, the Ugly & a Bright 2021 Ahead

January 1, 2021 by Andrew Spracklin

This is going to be a lengthy, rambling written blog about the current state of the practice, how 2020 treated the offices and what we envision for 2021 and beyond. The start of 2020 was honestly pretty mundane, January and February were pretty average months but as soon as March and April rolled around, the bottom pretty much fell out.

The calendar turned over to May and things leveled out fairly quickly.  While there was nothing normal about 2020, the summer, fall and into the end of the year, the practice was about as normal as it could get.  New patients, DOT physicals and return visits were all a constant throughout the year, minus March and April.

For the past three years, we have essentially grown out of the Kearney office location but we couldn’t really find a good spot that would fit our needs until a building popped up in the fall that we essentially couldn’t turn down, well we initially discussed it and said no way as it was going to be too much work.  It was far from perfect and lots of work would have to go into it but ultimately it would be the best long term decision for Spracklin Chiropractic.  So 5 days after the birth of my second son, Drew, we closed on a building on 27th and Central in Kearney to move the Kearney location into.  There is no intention of changing the schedule but we just needed a larger more patient friendly space that is more conducive to patient and practice growth.

A cold laser was purchased this year as well as we felt that it would add a little different type of therapy to the offices.  We hope that the new Kearney office will allow us to expand the acupuncture part of the practice along with always hoping to do more DOT physicals.  We feel that we provide a great value for pain relief in Minden and Kearney and hope to continue to do so.

Now on to 2021, there will be some slight changes to how the offices operate.  As many of you know, I was basically a one man show in Kearney but we have made the determination that help was necessary.  So Marty, who has worked in the Minden office for 30-some years, will make the transition to run the Kearney office for me.  Carol, who has also been in the Minden office for 30-some years, will be running the Minden office for me and the gang will be back together on Friday’s in Minden.  Please have patience with us over the next couple of weeks as we work out some of the kinks that go along with transition.

When I purchased the Minden practice, there were a few things that I wanted to change but as the years have gone I have found that the way Roy Wakefield ran the office is exactly what patients want and value.  So there will be a few more added little tweaks to the Kearney office now that I have help implementing some of these things.

Starting January 5th, we will be opening up the new Kearney location. While not completely finished, it will be operational and functional from day one.  There will be some small projects that finish up the project over the next couple of weeks but I am beyond excited to finally get into the building.

2020 was a bear of a year, we had numerous ups and down.  The end of March and April were probably some of the lowest times that the practice has been through. May through the rest of the year was chaotic but we plugged away and had a fairly good year.  We purchased a building, had a child and were able to keep just a little bit of sanity throughout the year.

2021….we look to utilize the new building in Kearney in hope to expanding numerous portions of the office, acupuncture and DOT physicals to name a few. Bumps in the road will be had but once everything is going, I’m pretty sure it will all be worth it. We cannot thank our patients enough for a successful 2020 even as if most of our worlds were turned upside down.  It ended up being an okay year business wise and a wonderful year for the Spracklin family as we now have two happy healthy little boys.

We look forward to seeing everyone in the new year and just remember to give us a little patience these first couple of weeks as we iron out some wrinkles.


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