Exercises & Physiotherapy

To get the most benefit from Chiropractic treatment you should combine it with exercise, regardless of your injury, age and ability. Core stability exercise is the most important thing to concentrate on.

Regular exercise has been proven to have many general benefits including lowering blood pressure and heart rate; reducing the risk of heart disease, helping with weight loss and reducing stress and anxiety.

Rehabilitation exercises can improve all joint, muscle, neck and back problems and is essential in the recovery from sports injuries.

There is new evidence to suggest that even a seemingly small injury may take up to a year to fully heal. Any kind of trauma or injury will inhibit key muscles from working so it is essential to retrain muscles after any injury.

The process by which a problem develops may have occurred over many months or years. Rehabilitation Exercise will reverse this process much faster than it developed, but may take several months to take full effect.

Physiotherapies that are also offered at Spracklin Chiropratic include ultrasound, interferential current, Russian stim and trigger point therapy.

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